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Monday, May 21, 2012

Backgrounds and added information content UPDATES! NEW PHOTO ADDED

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to let you know I am updating my site a little bit. The site isn't changing too much but it does look as if it has gone through a major change, because I am changing the backgrounds and borders. This means that the look and feel looks way different, as I am changing those things. Nothing else has changed, the layout is exactly the same.

However I am adding a bit of informative content to a couple pages, as I feel that some little explanation needs to be added due to new sites that get added to the "Links/Other" page. It is just an short explanation that some artist pages listed there "may" contain graphic/nude content. I only added it because some people can feel offended by it, because some as non-artist don't understand the concept of nude art to be a beauty and another expression.

I also would like to mention, that I do not place nude on my site, simply because I am a mother and have an 11 year old boy, who enjoys my art and I have found him looking through my books. Knowing this about him I do not have any nude drawings, painting or any form of nude in any of my art, due to his wandering eyes in my work. I'd love to explore, drawing nudes, but knowing he will see it, I do not. He is 11 after all.

So if you take a look at my site and go through the pages(which can also be found on the right side bar) you might slowly see my updated pages.

Have a great week everyone!

Ann J

PS- You'll also find a surprise on this page that I newly added today!

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