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Friday, June 22, 2012

Here is a big news update!

I will be taking a whole lot of my time this week end trying my best to throw together an artist type thing. Where my website is right now, they are updating and upgrading there rules and services and with all the content I do have on mine I will be having to move it else where.

I'm not happy about this move because I know it will be a lot of time and work. It's worth it, but It is going to be hard to configure and figure all the differences and changes I will be having to make.

So if you come here for a visit now and than, now you know that I will be busy at work with my art website content being moved. Sadly during times like this other things get neglected...I did however have a feeling (as stated in an earlier post) that this was going to be happening!

Thanks for your patience and I hope your weekend at least will be fun filled and wonderful!


PS- The good news and positive to this change? I get to start off fresh somewhere new and use a different look and feel. It is going to be hard and tiring, but also fun and exciting to see what I can come up with.

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