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Sunday, September 2, 2012

New art to be posted soon, thanks for your patience! UPDATE!

Hello everyone;

I know I haven't been around for a VERY LONG TIME! But I have been creating, painting, drawing and thinking up more ideas for new creations! I had a big creative zone and had to use that time and get to creating! 

I actually did a lot of painting and have updated an old painting (with WIP pics to be added later) and (around 4 or 5)new paintings as well. And I will be adding them all later, I just want to take pics/scans first and than add them at the same time to my computer so I can explain a little bit about them.

I've been really busy with my child and this summer really has been a busy one with lots of out door activities as well as planning for our future and getting ready/shopping for school! Who's excited about school starting? 

I am and so is my son, he actually said "I can't wait to go to school", he misses his friends, because he doesn't have many around where we live, actually he had one and they just moved so he is even more impatient to start.

So Hopefully in a few days I will have everything in order and add all my new art :-)

I'm always working on a water color master piece I can't wait to share it when I finally finish it. It has been in my mind and planned for over a year now on how it has been coming together!

I want to Thank You all for your patience (well those who have been wondering if at all) in waiting for at least an update or something!

I do think of you all, just so you know! You are all wonderful people and I always look forward to seeing updates on your blogs and such, I also look forward to any comments if posted!

Have a wonderful Sunday! (((hugs)) To you all and I hope everyone is doing well and in good health and good luck has been on your side lately! 

Much love to all


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