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I am an artist, and mother I am 36 years old and I live in New Brunswick, Canada. I have been drawing for a long as I can remember.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

It's been soooo long!!

Well I know I had posted saying I was going to add some new paintings and other creations, but I became busy with starting new life things!

I am adding some new and updated painting on my art pages HERE Hope you enjoy! and please don't forget to follow me and leave a comment so that I can follow you as well :)

I have an update and I want to share a WIP (work in process) with you, for the time being! I couldn't sleep so I figured, I may as well come on here and prove I haven't walked off or vanished off the face of the earth!

Here is something digital I am working on slowly...

So as you can see, it's slowly coming together and I have been saving it each time I add a few new things...So that I could share the process.
Hope you like it!
And for those who may or may not know it is "Kirsten Dunst" from the film Marie Antoinette


  1. Hi Ann, wicked to see you up and blogging again :) The portraits are lovely :)

    Not doing OtM... anymore but up and running with my photography again www.shootingmyjourney.tk

    Can't wait to see some more work hun and hope u and J are well x x

    1. Sorry for not replying, I had been busy with life and school, and too lazy to log on to any of my accounts!
      Thanks for commenting, we are doing fine, thx for asking.

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