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Monday, April 9, 2012

An extended Introduction! "Updates and About Me"..

Hello everyone,
If you have gone through my pages, you might see that I have added some new pages recently.
Art pages 5, 6 and 7 are all newly added. They have some really old drawings and paintings and some new sketches.
I have added a links page for some great offers, the heading is "Other Links", but I also have a links section on my "Home" page where I share links to other artists links as well.

Here is a little more about me.

I started drawing more, and gave painting a chance, tried and liked that, digital art became a favorite hobby as well. I started searching for other hobby type things to try! Jewelry making, and other crafty type things that I always wanted to try but didn't think I could.

Over the years I have self taught myself, to draw better, paint with different techniques, use different types of mediums(paints, pencils, charcoal, types of paper, and more), bettering what I wasn't confidence with, like drawing animals, hands, feet, adding backgrounds to my main subjects and the list just goes on!
I bought art kits, books, and searched for ways to learn different techniques online.

Here are some great books(which I still look back to!) I have used to better my skills:

My father also encouraged me to pursue this part of myself, he always showed a belief that I was very good in this area of a personal skill. I must admit it wasn't one of my passions, don't get me wrong; I loved drawing and creating, but I didn't feel that compelling feeling like I did with singing(I cann't describe the feeling singing gives within me). I never cared if I ever became famous, it wasn't that, it was just how it made me feel within.
But back to the other art! I always loved to draw new things, but when I was younger I didn't feel passionate enough to get over the things that challenged me...Like drawing hands, feet and animals or other things I felt overwhelmed with such challenge. I always wanted it to be perfect, or I would give up! "I can't DRAW it!" I would be so mean to myself, I would sometimes rip the pages I'd taken so long to complete. I'd crumple them, say "I will never try to draw those things ever again!"
I have since, changed those ways of thinking and tell myself, to just keep trying, take a break if I am feeling overwhelmed and draw something else and go back! This helps and I have drawn lot better than I ever believed I could in the past.
If you are struggling, take a break to calm your nerves...Drawing something else while you calm yourself, if you must! That helps too!
Well that's my litt bit of an intro on my artistic side! I may add more later..But for now I have my site to working, which is another hobby...is it an art too? I'm not sure, leave a comment and let me know what you think!
Have a great day and I hope you had a wonderful Easter!
God Bless

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