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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I got two new ARTISTS books! Strokes of Genius and Wonderful Landscape s! DRAWING AND PAINTING!

So I was at the books store and got two wonderful new artist books, I've decided to post a little bit of a review of the books in-case anyone else might be interested in buying one or both of them! I got both! I was looking for some inspirational books and wanted something newer and I got these both at a lower cost than their original prices!
The first one is "Fast & Fun Landscape paining by Donna Dewberry"

This books looks great and I took a few glances in it and I just love it! It's FILLED with Landscape paintings as well as some WIP(work in progress) explanations for artist wanting to try it themselves. She makes it looks so easy I think I maybe try a few small paintings and hang them on my walls because honestly my walls could use some pictures to fill up some empty spaces.

The next book I got is "Strokes of Genius the best of drawing Edited By Rachel Rubin Wolf"

This book is FILLED with drawings done by many different artist with a wide verity of drawing mediums and techniques. This is a big books so all the images within are very easy to make out. If an artist was wanting to try to do a copy version for personal skill enhancing the visual is big and clear enough to see every stroke! I can definitely see why it says strokes of genius! These many different artists have been drawn from hundreds of submissions all over the world!

I can't wait to get started on both of them! Seriously looking forward to it, but I am so excited, I am unsure which one I will start with. I was so excited about getting them, I had to share thew NEWS! :)

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