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Sunday, April 15, 2012


So far I have added 3 new art pages ( art 5, art 6, and art 7)and I have also added some new sketches and some paintings. I have a big sketch and big painting to added as well. I am still working on the organization so that I will have them in order of SKETCHING, PAINTINGS and DIGITAL in their own places (pages), rather than having them all scattered together.

Another UPDATE!

I have been fixing the navigational links and adding them to the tops and the bottoms of the pages so it is a bit easier to get around. So if you are at the top and scroll down to look at the whole page, you now wont have to click back on the browser nor scroll back up to link the next page links# at the top.

I have a page specifically made for advertisements, newly added and I am trying to fix it so it doesn’t look so overwhelming with ads. I have moved those to the sides and left a text area where I will say a few words.

So in the mean time keep checking the site if you wish to see all the new and exciting changes that I am doing with my site!

If you have any concerns and or suggestions, or even an opinion on what you like to see fix or added, please feel free to leave a comment or fill one the NEW -LY ADDED form I placed one the “HOME” page!

I look forward to posting my next update …
Have a great day everyone and I thank you for visiting my links and art pages!

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